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Grace Clinic

As the only free clinic in the Tri-Cities, Grace Clinic continues to provide medical, urgent dental and mental health services to low-income, uninsured adults. While the services are free to patients, they are not without cost.  The number of uninsured individuals in our community is increasing. 


Funds received will be used to support these services and the additional costs that we are incurring because of the need for more extensive cleaning and sanitation.  We are also experiencing greater staff costs because many of our long-time volunteers are in the at-risk category and have had to step back for the present. 


The community can rest assured that patients are continuing to receive excellent care in the midst of this crisis. 


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2. United Way of B&F Counties
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Mental and Behavioral Health


The COVID-19 pandemic has created tremendous stress.  That increasing stress affects the mental and behavioral health of so many in our community.  Job loss, too much family togetherness with kids home from school, coping by using drugs or alcohol, fewer ways to escape violence in the home—these are making our community less safe.  Suicide attempts are up. Child neglect and abuse, domestic violence, assault and rape, human trafficking—all have increased.  Local nonprofits have changed their outreach to support individuals, victims, and families in new ways. Our local United Way has established a rapid response fund to provide grants to help these nonprofits serve more people. 


Double your dollar now—for every dollar you donate, a national foundation will match it!  And, 100% of your gift goes to local programs. Together, we can address community stress through prevention and recovery. 


Support local mental and behavioral health programs.  Go to


3. Greater Columbia Accountable Communit
3. Greater Columbia Accountable Communit



Support for Seniors 


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health is concerned about the mental health of long-term care residents and their staff.  Residents are coping with social isolation, and the staff of these facilities are challenged to keep residents busy and active.  Both populations are bearing the mental strain of exposure to the virus. 

Activity directors have asked for games, crafts, and other activities for residents of these facilities.  GCACH is seeking donations to purchase and deliver activity packages around fun themes including: gardening, poker night, beach vacation, 1950s diner, roaring 1920s, craft heaven, and more!  Activity directors fill out a form to indicate their desired packages for residents, and GCACH will deliver the packages to these local facilities. 


It's a great way to share your compassion and appreciation during this time!  Donate at 


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Chaplaincy Health Care


Since 1971, Chaplaincy Health Care has served Benton and Franklin counties. We provide hospice, palliative care, grief care, chaplain care, and behavioral health and counseling.  We are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, serving patients throughout our community and at the Hospice House. We have actively responded to this crisis, taking extra safety precautions so we can continue to provide the best care possible.


The pandemic has financially impacted us. Costs for critical medical supplies and personal protective equipment have greatly increased and our Repeat Boutique thrift stores, an important revenue source for our Hospice House, have temporarily closed.


Donate to our COVID-19 Fund now to purchase critical supplies, PPE and help with Hospice House operations.