Other ways you can help your community by donating or volunteering. 

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Volunteer Tri-Cities is a free, mobile-friendly, community-wide volunteer platform that connects people with the causes they care about.  


There are many ways you could help others, even during these times of social distancing, including: 


  • Be a “virtual volunteer” and remotely help a local non-profit with a special project like website design, donation coordination, marketing or social media strategies, phone banks to reach out to seniors, and more; 

  • Sign up and show up—direct volunteers are still needed for safely supporting critical services such as delivering food and supplies; and 

  • Connect with a collection drive for needed supplies and products—learn who needs what through this site. 


It’s free to sign up.  Local nonprofit agencies can register and add opportunities for people to volunteer or donate products. Individuals, families, and businesses can sign up and explore the many ways to get involved.  


Volunteer Tri-Cities makes it easy to find local opportunities to help from your phone or tablet. 


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Donate Plasma


The Red Cross is seeking people who are fully recovered from COVID-19 and may be able to donate plasma to help current patients with serious or immediately life-threatening COVID-19 infections.


People who have fully recovered from COVID-19 have antibodies in their plasma that can attack the virus.  The Red Cross has been asked by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help identify prospective donors and manage the distribution of these products to hospitals treating patients in need. If you’re fully recovered from a verified coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnosis, please review the information at the link below. A Red Cross representative will follow up with you. 


Learn more about donating plasma now 

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Donate Face Masks and Personal Protective Equipment 


Join the Washington Mask Challenge, a statewide homemade mask-making initiative to encourage the public to make, wear, and donate cloth masks.


There are two ways you can help.


  1. Help local non-profits meet their need for face masks as they prepare to re-open.  Twenty organizations have already indicated a need for a total of 5,000 cloth masks.  Each organization lists how many adult- and child-sized masks they need at this site,


  1. Supply face masks to farm workers or donate PPE to protect the people on the front lines who keeping our community healthy. Franklin County Emergency Management is our bi-county collection site—call 509-545-3546 to schedule a time to drop-off your donations. 

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Check on Your Neighbors.

  • Call or text your neighbors (especially elderly neighbors) to make sure they’re doing okay. Ask if there is anything that they need (be it a box of tissues or a cup of sugar). If you have what they’re looking for, offer to leave it outside their front door so that they can pick it up without coming in direct contact with you. It sounds extreme, but this is a great (and safe) way to make sure that your more vulnerable neighbors have what they need.

  • If you’re able, offer to pick up essentials from the pharmacy or grocery store, or perhaps provide them with a safe meal drop off. Perhaps you can offer to take their dog for a walk if they are concerned about going outside.

  • If you feel comfortable going out, consider knocking on the door of any elderly neighbors and chatting through the screen or storm door just to offer a bit of comfort and reassurance. 


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Write a Letter to a Senior.

Due to COVID-19, many seniors are feeling isolated and lonely in senior centers. Reach out to senior centers in your area to inquire about letter-writing—just Google, “Assisted Living” to get contact information for local senior living complexes.   Don’t quite know what to say?  Check out Love for the Elderly’s existing national program for letter writing tips.

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Give a Random Act of Kindness.

  • Plant a flowerpot and leave a little spring love on a neighbor’s porch. Just make sure to follow recommendations from the Washington State Health Department on social distancing.

  • Consider giving small gift cards to surprise people like your cashier at the grocery store, kind delivery people or people working at the drive through coffee window.  Please also tip your delivery service providers well!